Theo Tolv

Photo of Theo Hultberg Tolv

I work on making Jeff Bezos marginally less astronomically rich by helping companies in the Nordics lower their AWS bills.

My philosophy is that the cloud is both the cheapest and most expensive way to run infrastructure, it's all about how you do it. The cost metrics that cloud providers like AWS give their customers can rival the application metrics the development teams are working with in terms of detail and depth – and when everything is metered in detail, cost should be a design parameter just like performance, scalability, and reliability.

A true AWS expert – Theo helped us at Funnel reduce our AWS bill by almost 40% in just a few weeks. I was impressed by his knowledge and expertise in how to design and build modern cloud native applications and infrastructure, and our teams learned a lot from him. I hope we get the chance to work with him more in the future.

 — Per Mellqvist, CTO
In search of reducing an ever-expanding AWS bill, Luno ended up contracting Theo in who came highly recommended from our network. Theo was very quick to jump onto our assessment, and produced a very well thought out, detailed report targeting key areas of potential savings. Needless to say that the easy to implement recommendations more than covered Theo's fees in savings, with a few more big savings in implementation. It's no surprise that the AWS eco-system is tough to understand, and challenge even the most confident SRE/CTO to have a chat with Theo to unpack some of the complexities of keeping costs manageable. — Neil Kelly, Engineering Director at Luno
Anyone with a large or growing AWS bill 🔥💰 would be a fool not to work with Theo Hultberg Tolv on getting their costs in check. 

Words can not describe the impact he's had for us at Burt in this regard, and in so many other ways. 🙏🏻

 — Gustav von Sydow, CEO Burt Intelligence